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Who are we?

We are a company dedicated to the Business Analysis profession globally. Our aim is to provide a virtual space with access to BA tools, mentoring, and discussion with other smart BA people. BA Masterminds is dedicated to people working in the BA profession, or considering becoming a Business Analyst.

What is a Mastermind?

A Mastermind is when humble people, playing their game at a higher level, come together in a mindset of excellence. Join these smart people in a Mastermind Session - discussing, sharing, teaching, and learning and everyone gets smarter together.

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Bronze Membership


once off

💥 Goal Setting Mastery
💥 Unique Selling Proposition
💥 Refined LinkedIn profile
💥 Rewritten targeted CV
💥 ATS aware templates
💥 Done-with-you Assignments
💥 Professional Photograph
💥 Mark as your mentor


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Silver Membership


once off

💥 1-Year membership access
💥 Where to find jobs
💥 How best to apply
💥 Application tracking CRM
💥 Interview Preparation Techniques
💥 Employment Contract Negotiation
💥 Become Proactive
💥 Become Highly Productive
💥 Ace Your Probation

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Gold Membership

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💥 Guided Career Choice
💥 Goal Oriented
💥 Get Headhunted
💥 Increased Confidence
💥 Securing Dream Job
💥 More Equipped as a BA
💥 BA Toolset
💥 Success Mindset
💥 Negotiation Skills
💥 BAM Community Access            And many more

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Are YOU going to be looking for your next

Business Analyst role in the near future?


❓ Do you have EVERYTHING in place to be able to CHOOSE your next role?
❓ Do you want to LEARN how to set yourself apart from the others to get offered the position?
❓ Is your CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn Profile perfected and completed to stand out?
✔ To the company you are applying with, you are an unknown, just like all the other applicants!
✔ If not, with all BAs competing for the same role, you are NOT going to be singled out.

Can you imagine the collective wisdom of a Mastermind of 5 or 15 or even 50 Business Analysts offering you powerful advice based on their own experiences?

No Worries... We Have You Covered!


Learn how to consistently add value to your employer and to your team

Be highly productive by creating a to-do and a not-to-do list

Show fantastic results that are measurable

Get along great within your team and the company

Be very well-liked

Deliver on time every time whilst always remaining productive

Gain the ability to extend your current contract over and over at a higher rate

Become the go-to person for other BAs in your team

Be seen as the leader in your project team

When you sign up for the BA Masterminds Series you will:

Know how to Position yourself, your CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile to impact your success


Learn how to up-skill yourself and leverage your earnings accordingly



Design and Pursue a career strategy that balances your lifestyle and freedom




Be part of a Global Mindset and attitude ready to face an uncertain future.



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Some BA Applications we are likely to cover:

Remote Working and the related Software Applications​

Remote Process Automation and your own contract finding bot​

Certification and/or Non-Certification​

Collaboration tools like MS-Team, Slack, and Google Workspace in our BAM sandbox environment​​

Managing your own company's tax returns and accounting​

Our BA Masterminds


The Analyst Elevator Package

Goal Setting, Your CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile to Impact your Success

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The Skill Proposition

Refine your Unique Selling Proposition to Position Yourself, Interview Preparation Techniques,  and Productivity mentoring to Ace your probation period in your new role

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The Income Elevator Blueprint

Double your Income in 3 months or less. The mentoring consists of 4 pillars and 2 levels and covers your entire journey

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Meet The Founder, Mark Bruins

Founder, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Mentor, Knowledge Broker, Environment Warrior, Father to Jess and Gordon.

Mark offers over 40 years' of international experience, has held 25 I.T. positions in his extensive career, 15 of them as a contractor including 8 in the United Kingdom. His last few roles were as a Senior Business Analyst, even though he is also certified as a Project Manager and a Microsoft MCSA.

He has been teaching since 1990, and since 2006 has been writing curriculum for his numerous courses from computer networking, software, environmental studies, business skills, web design and now Business Analysis.

In April 2019 he decided to get back into knowledge sharing and attained his certification with the Knowledge Broker Blueprint in the art of creating and delivering a Mastermind. Using his influence and persuasion he managed to on-board numerous professionals in their field to develop and market his Business Analyst Masterminds mentoring services.

What people say about working with Mark:

Test Drive Our Membership Area for FREE before you invest

(We won't share your details with anyone)
I want access to my own personalised membership page

Frequently Asked Questions

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