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(Even If You Only Have 1 Year Experience)
Do you need to improve your Business Analysis skills to advance in your career?
Do you require Business Analysis Certification to gain the theoretical knowledge?
Having difficulty finding new contract positions because you don't know where to look?
Do you want to be headhunted for a role rather than spending your time applying for jobs?
Are you securing interviews, but unable to consistently receive written offers?
Do you want to determine your vision/goals, and get advice on how to achieve them?

This could be you...


Senior Business Analyst
✔ 325% Increase
✔ In 3 months


Senior Business Analyst
✔ 150% Increase
✔ In 3 months


Business Analyst
✔ 176.67% Increase
✔ In 3 weeks


Business Analyst
✔ 70% Increase
✔ In 3 months

BAM Gold - The Income Elevator Blueprint ™

This is what you will learn, and more...

We Set Your Goals

Determine all options to set your long-, medium-, and short-term life & career goals with accountability

Be Successful In Interviews

Use our unique strategies to prepare yourself for ANY and ALL question you might be asked

How To Secure A New Role

With our methods and techniques we will secure you a higher paying role with ease

Where To Gain Certification

Get massive discount on certifications from our strategic alliance partners

How To Become Confident 

I will move you from nervous to confident in your new or existing role

Tools and Techniques

Strategies, methods and templates to become proactive and highly productive in your role as a BA

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This will work for you if...

You have gained valuable experience as a Business Analyst
You are ready to elevate your career to the next level
All you need is a proven strategy and a mentor to assist you

or maybe you just secured your dream role...

Improve your mindset so that you don't let your dream role slip through the cracks
Hit the floor running by implementing our unique productivity tools and techniques
Increase your confidence and be recognised as the person of authority

💥Begin your journey towards a bigger salary today!💥

☑️ Get 3 months of mentoring and 9 months of support from Mark as our VIP student
☑️ Set your 3 months, 1 year and 3 year goals
☑️ Receive your Personalised Roadmap
☑️ 3 hours of weekly assignments for 3 months
☑️ 13 live mentoring sessions over 12 weeks

Your Dream Job Is Just Moments Away...

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Meet The Founder, Mark B.

Founder, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Mentor, Knowledge Broker, Environment Warrior, Father to Jess and Gordon.

➤ Mark offers over 40 years' of international experience

➤ He has held 25 I.T. positions in his extensive career, 15 of them as a contractor including 8 in the United Kingdom

➤ His last few roles were as a Senior Business Analyst even though he is also certified as a Project Manager and a Microsoft MCSA

➤ He has been teaching since 1983

➤ Since 2006 he has been writing curriculum for his numerous courses from computer networking, software, environmental studies, business skills, web design and now Business Analysis.

➤ In April 2019 he decided to get back into knowledge sharing and attained his certification with the Knowledge Broker Blueprint in the art of creating and delivering a Mastermind

➤ Using his influence and persuasion he managed to on-board numerous professionals in their field to develop and market his Business Analyst Masterminds mentoring services.

Without change you will...

Remain in a position where you are treated as less than your true worth
You will not get the salary that you deserve
You will not be able to reach your true and full potential.
"No one can discover you until you do. Exploit your talents, skills and strengths and make the world sit up and take notice." - Rob Liano

When Can You Expect Results?

💎 Week 1 to 3: We get you in the correct positive mindset with our 8 assignments, helping you see your true worth and eliminating that imposter syndrome
💎 Week 4 to 6: We make the necessary changes to your profiles to laser focus them to only attract your dream jobs
💎 Week 7 to 9: We prepare you for interviews and you apply for positions that align with achieving your 1-year goals 
💎 Week 10 to 12: Contract negotiation & signing and preparing you for your new position by enabling you to be proactive and productive right from day 1. 

What makes my mentorship  different from others out there?

You might want to consider another alternative but what they won't tell you is that they only deal with the theoretical side of Business Analysis and getting you certified. They do not help you get rid of pain points.
I give you the strategies, tools, techniques and proven methods you need to elevate your career and double your salary quickly.
That's why you are going to love this course ❤️


Full money-back guarantee if you complete the course and assignments and do not gain any benefits. And to show you that I am 100% confident in your results and the ROI you can get for your  investment, you will also get a free CV done for you by my team of experts.

To make everything even easier for you to excel in your new role, we will include a bonus:

Free Toolbox

💥All the tools you need to complete your tasks with ease💥
Templates are fully annotated and in Word and Excel format, so you may browse them for ideas and copy/paste what you need into existing templates, or customize it to use as your own to enable you to get started right away.


Do you lack confidence, which limits your ability to consistently secure roles and to perform at your peek?
Starting today you could quickly gain the confidence you need to excel in your career!
Are you struggling to make ends meet with your current salary, and in desperate need of a higher-paying position?
Double or even 4X your income and finally live the life you deserve - No more financial struggles!

Imagine this is you...


Business Analyst
✔ 205.5% Increase
✔ In 3 months


Senior Business Analyst
✔ 81.82% Increase
✔ In 3 months


Tech Business Analyst
✔ 100% Increase
✔ In 4 weeks


Agile Business Analyst
✔ 137.5% Increase
✔ In 3 months

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Don't limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do.
You can go as far as your mind lets you.
What you believe you can achieve.
Let me help you to get there.
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